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A Premium Salesforce Development and Consulting Company with 12+ years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.
We work closely with you to design, build and implement the right Salesforce solution and apt digital experience for your team.


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Our clients can utilize the utmost efficiency of our flexible engagement models.
We have well-established processes and deep expertise proven by years of experience in Salesforce Implementation, Development, Consulting, Integration, Administration and Support. Our proven skill-sets can deliver the desired results for your investments with Salesforce platform.
We offer three types of convenient, flexible business engagement models. Tell us your business objectives and project requirements, and we will help you pick the best-suited one.

Best suited for complex, long-term projects with uncertain yet continuous requirements.

This model’s flexibility allows you to react to on-going changes within your organization with respect to business requirements and We can take up immediate actions to adjust it into the ongoing development efforts. You can get the sprint version of your solution at regular point-of-time to make the better decisions.
  • Changeable workflow and predictable budgeting
  • Allow you to cap the maximum number of hours for the project
  • The whole project is divided into smaller tasks that each have an estimated time, workforce, and cost. When you agree with the price quoted, the development team can start immediately.
  • High control over requirements and scope of work

Best suited for companies that may require dedicated efforts to run the project

You will get access of either a dedicated resource(s) or a full team who will be exclusively working on your project(s). This will allow you to control the team as well train them to your current business setup and future work. In general, This is your team and your control over it.

  • Team will share common values and will work together as an extended hand of the organization.
  • Knowledge sharing among the team members will enable you to allocate even more complex projects/tasks requiring several individuals to work together
  • You only have to pay a fixed monthly fee for each resource you
    use or hire.
  • Easy to work-with, Supportive and Availability during your timezone.

Works like a charm for any complex and scalable development projects

Don’t look after rigorous processes and efforts to scouting, recruiting and onboarding! This is a perfect option for projects with in-house teams that need specific roles to be filled by experts with relevant experience and skills. You will get the right candidates working with you that can match to required objectives.

  • You will get the exact skillsets that your company needs
  • Fixed and predictable cost with no additional overheads to
    manage the overall project and budget
  • No separate administrative investment
  • Getting an unbiased opinions through the staff augmentation
    model can be just the external “set of eyes” you need to make sure you and your team aren’t making any mistakes due to company biases.

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